Light of Hope


To coincide with All Saints and All Souls Day 2020, beams of light were cast into the night sky in a national installation called ‘Light of Hope’ by Peter Walker Sculptor.

Cathedrals, Churches and Schools UK wide participated on November 1st and 2nd 2020 to offer a symbol of hope shining high into the sky, for all around to see.

Educational engagement with Light of Hope 

Over 20,000 school children from 140 schools participated in ‘Light of Hope’ through educational engagement activities. 

Schools were provided with an engagement pack exploring topics such as religious education, personal development, mutual understanding, wellbeing and the world around us.

Information was provided for teachers and children to create their own individual lights of hope within their school settings and given information to learn about figures throughout history whom have been individual lights of hope in society.  Featuring people such as Jesus, Malala Yousafzai, Maria Skobtsova, Dame Doreen Lawrence, and Gordon Wilson. 

Viewers of Light of Hope installation responses: 

“This was a wonderful and very moving experience” 

“This was a beautiful art installation, very moving” 

Awe-inspiring ! Jaw-dropping !! Breath-taking !!!

“Thought it was amazing, the nearly full moon and stars and passing white clouds only adding to the effect. Hope it will attract the army of angels. Thank you.” 

“We all need hope right now”

That is just so lovely. First words that came into my mind were ‘light at the end of the tunnel”.

Participants responses

“It was a great evening, with lots of people walking through our grounds to stop and look.  

Very timely considering the news of a second lockdown the evening before.” 

Communications and Services Manager, Chelmsford Cathedral. 

Educational outreach responses:  

“The children really enjoyed this and it allowed them to talk about their feelings.” Teacher from St Johns Bishops wood. 

“Our children are predominately of Muslim faith so It’s great that you have incorporated people of other faiths that they are already familiar with, such as Malala Yousafzai.” Teacher from Adderley CE(C) Primary School, Birmingham

“The children are loving taking part in this project so far.” Walsall Wood Primary School

“very touching and a wonderful way to bring hope back into the community’ 

The Federation of Heathfields Infant and Wilnecote Junior Academy


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