‘Performance Art Day’

Based at the guildhall and throughout the city of Lichfield, Staffordshire,  I observed and recorded numerous artistic activities that were constructed by a group of artists from ‘External Galleries’ collaborating with drama students, musicians and storytellers from the area.    Several art installation pieces were observed and recorded happening across different locations around the city, this project included working with local people who were asked to create a musical score with a composer and the resulting composition was recorded and played to the public in the evening.  Also two storytellers walked about the city telling their stories out loud to members of the public passing by, a dance group performed a street dance spontaneously as if members of the public themselves (flashmobs), installation art pieces were exhibited indoors and outdoors, and the finale was the lighting up of the Cathedral as a Son- et-Lumiere event  in the evening created by ‘External Galleries’ (2010).

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