The Mining Industry

 ‘How has the industry of mining affected the community of Markham Vale over time?’ 

By K. Walker MA FRAI (2011):

Abstract – “The study Investigated ex-miners experiences in the mining industry.  This ethnographic study used a qualitative approach to record 18 participant’s narrative, memories and experiences through semi-structured interviews, with the aim to find out how the industry of mining has affected one community over time.  Responses give insight into individual’s perspectives on place and self- identity, political change, work and sociological impact.  It is revealed that mining was a way of life that emerged through shared solidarity, forming a collective self- identity which has been shaped and shattered by the experiences with the mining industry.”

The collected data responses were part of a major sound and light show shown at Bolsover Castle produced by ‘External Galleries’.   The gathered interview data recordings from the ex-miners narratives were presented as a light and sound Son-et-Lumiere projected onto the front of the castle, all the participants were then invited to see the final produced show.

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